If you are looking for positive sensations, pleasant melodies, and real performance, let us introduce you to our top artist of the day A.J., a British producer, songwriter, and DJ. 

A.J.  has emerged as an all-rounder from the inspiration of French Musician Gesaffelstein.

His offering is entitled “Explosion” featuring Georgia Octavia’s vocals and is addictive from the first notes. This creative melodic single works perfectly and transports you into a perfect musical moment.Georgia Octavia delivers a surprising and alluring vocal performance as well as infectious hooks.

His power of music is to echoes with our emotions, our imagination, or our feelings. It can bring you to unexpected journeys. A.J.’s music illustrates our point as it must be lived as a whole experience. With his project “Explosion”, the experimental artist immerses us into an unreal and incomparable world.

Bold and experimental, the songs blend elements of hypnotic beats along with the soothing voice of Georgia. The vocals are entrancing and avant-garde, with snippets of poetic narration interweaving with a mesmerizing delivery.

Meditatively hypnotic, the voices really pull you in. The backing music is trippy and futuristic. At times, it almost has a mechanical feel, as though you’re listening to some out of the planet music. This track is perfect to disconnect from reality.

While listening to “Explosion”, we could imagine ourselves, under the sun, chilling, just disconnecting from the grey winter reality. 

We are sure that you need this feeling too….
Play Now and Enjoy :


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