NEBUTURN is our top artist of the day, an underrated artist who drives you crazy all day with his latest release of Rem Sounds that is relaxing and fills the atmosphere with peaceful vibes.

His latest release, an album entitled “REM Sounds”  is a beautiful surprise in an area where it’s rarer and rarer to find projects made with quality and a true sense of musicality. 

The 9-tracks opus, produced by NEBUTURN, is exactly what we needed to keep believing in real music. By blending his powerful sense of rhythm with cutting-edge, and soul-infused instrumentals, The artist brings the music to another level of creativity and artistry.

In recent years we’ve seen the music scene bless us with so many talented artists. However, discovering  NEBUTURN is a blessing, and his 9 ambient and instrumental songs for listening to when you have anxiety, in your yoga class, for sleeping well. He took inspiration from the mother earth sounds like the rain forest, space… 

 NEBUTURN is a magnificent artist that has caught our attention the most. With his outstanding debut album REM Sounds”, he has the potential to become one of the biggest names.

Beautiful nostalgic melodies, extraordinary beats, pure sounds, but with avant-garde touches of perfection REM Sounds is a musical jewel from start to finish. 9 unique and special songs to release tension and be able to relax the deepest.

Listen right now:


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