We are starting this new month on a perfect note thanks to Shyfox with this new album “i don’t wanna talk about it “, a captivating album where cinematic sounds, poetic melodies, and dreamy universes meet together to invite the audience into an addictive and healing musical journey.

Shyfox is a singer and songwriter who will accompany us our whole week. The artist is from Ontario, Canada. He is an ambitious artist currently paving his path into this world of music.

With the US grunge, flamenco guitar, Britpop, and punk vibes, the sound is positively trailblazing. The vocals are technically impressive and passionately belted out, almost reminiscent of the glam and hard rock heroes. 

The harmonies really enhance the tone, especially in the opening track, “I Know Imma Fuck Up,  and well my favorite one being the title track. Assertive guitars, strategic feedback and and authoritative bass make for a robust musical backing to take you to a different world. All in all this album is a whole masterpiece that you shouldn’t miss.

Play for yourself and Listen:


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