Our discovery today is what we craved for the week that is AIVIN, a unique artist whose music is out of the box and different from mainstream music.  He is a promising singer who started to create music at an early age and has been focusing much for the past four years and is discovering his talent.

We had the pleasure to discover the EP “ALIEN POWER TOOLS”.Aivni teamed up with UK producer Staticbeatz to produce the musical part on the whole EP with co-producers Nozad11 from Germany and Cammuzik from the UK to unveil an eclectic yet appealing track between dope rap, trap, and touches of surprising sound experimentation.

This track is robust and hard-hitting. AIVIN  has a charismatic presence and no-nonsense delivery style, also featuring Super Static. His voice has an authoritative quality while maintaining a consistent flow throughout. 

He gives a lively performance that balances leisure with professionalism. The chorus phrase is catchy, and with a little bit of strategic marketing, one could easily see this jam becoming a viral sensation.

Play the amazing tracks from the EP and see it for yourself:


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