I don’t know if you remarked, but it is rare to discover complete albums, albums that you will listen on repeat. Well, it is a rare thing, but not an impossible one. And we can prove it with our impressive Hip-Hop Album of the month: “Yelloh Archipelago” by Yelloh.
Yelloh consists of two members, brothers, Liq, and M33CH. Yelloh was formed after each brother saw the great potential in the other. They began critiquing each other’s music before creating music together, which grew into the group they have now.
 Yelloh also performs live whenever they can. Even though they had separate careers prior to forming the duo, the brothers are eager for their shared careers to take off.
“Yelloh Archipelago” is a generous 10-track opus delivering an innovative sense of the music. It blends trap with many other musical genres, heavy beats with musicality.
Yelloh has created an appealing album that fits the current hip-hop sound and beyond.
From the first track “No Plays” we have been pleasantly surprised; it has been a while since we did not have this feeling. The album gathers everything to remain unforgettable and classic rap: musically consistent, with a flawless technique, strong personalities, and messages. What else could we ask for?
“Gold Medal Winners” or “Midnight Paradise” to only name a few of our favorites, perfectly illustrate our point. 
See by yourself and make sure to follow Yelloh’s fascinating career HERE.

“Yelloh Archipelago” is available on Spotify and all other major platforms. Follow Yelloh on Instagram for more information.


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