If you know our redaction pretty well, you will have remarked that we love to highlight unique artists. Those who can create out of the box, and who have their own world. Our discovery of the day is The Merricks and is one of them.
The experimental artist has just dropped a new album entitled “People Are People ”, a unique 28 tracks project. A journey through the unknown.
The Merricks deliver mysterious electronic sounds and dark synthesizers. From “Intro” to “Outro”, we feel like being immersed in the music. 
These songs are really quite good and have cross-genre appeal. One could just as easily imagine this music being played in cozy little coffee houses as they could at backyard kickbacks with the crew. There’s a lot of potential here and some real passion fueling these tunes.
The Merricks brings power and strong messages, emotions to the surface. We have all our admiration for these kinds of artists who are not afraid to create out of the box and have their own recipes.
Press play right now to dive into “People Are People ”:


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