We discovered the extraordinary Spring 84 thanks to her latest beautiful album entitled “Higher Love”. We immediately fell in love with this 8 tracks generous project. 
Spring 84 is an up and coming musical artist, who was inspired by fellow agents of love such as Celine Dion, Whitney Houston, and Mariah Carey. Through her music, she hopes to maintain the promotion of romance and healthy relationships by sharing about her own experiences in previous relationships and her current marriage.
Spring 84 in this album delivered a well-related message and perfect vocals and along with tracks frenetic eclecticism and pop beats that created a fresh sound that brought old styles into contemporary production, but what it is, is good Music. 
Spring 84  has the ability to magnetize her spectators and take them on a journey through her music.
With bright future lighting her path, nothing can stop this Spring 84 on her journey to success.

Although her debut pop album, Higher Love, was just recently released she is currently working on a few more projects about love and embracing people from all walks of life. Additionally, she and her husband are building a social enterprise and memoir to help bring couples closer together. Spring 84 is a breath of fresh air, which only solidifies her current and future successes. 
You can enjoy Spring 84’s music, watch her videos, view her pictures, and keep up on her latest news at:


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