Artist spotlight: DMAD


Versatility makes artists recognizable among the hundreds or the thousands in the music scene. Some musicians provide the opportunity of amazing musical experiences while keeping linked to the emotions in a world of uncertainty and ambient menace.


There is one artist who has been changing the music scene with his unique and vibrant craft and that is DMAD. His recent EP “Dreams make a difference”. On January 26th, it was distributed on all streaming platforms. It’s made up of five upbeat rap songs about living out one’s aspirations, adjusting to a new lifestyle, and dealing with the consequences of substance misuse. When he started hearing from record labels, he started working on the EP after his song “World is Spinning” had such a positive response.


Besides, he takes pride in his versatility as an artist especially in the Hip Hop genre as everything has become so repetitive and competitive that one has to stand apart from all the other artists in the music industry.


His music is exceptional or Unique because it varies from the regular Hip Hop Genres as it has an implementation of EDM. As an artist, one has to create artistry that can stand apart in every way possible.


Nevertheless, DMAD endeavors have also touched a million views which was the biggest accomplishment, and then touching 12 million was a milestone.


Stream DMAD on Spotify


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