“Azure Sky ” The Solo Project of Brennan Walden is Massive

Azure Sky is the solo project of Brennan Walden. His debut album, “The End of a Decade,” is entirely written, recorded and self produced

His debut album,”The End of a Decade”, is such a wonderful masterpiece. The artistry is priceless. You can’t help but notice how much of a bundle of skills he is. He is a delight to listen to. Poetry in an audio book. He is not afraid to take risk in dropping his lyrics line by line.

After years of playing gigs alone or in various groups, Brennan (Azure Sky) decided he needed to change his approach. Relying on others always seemed to lead to a dead end. In order to create the music he envisioned, he would need to learn to become his own producer.
He spent years learning and honing his craft. After a decade of trial and error, blood sweat and tears, and a lot of can do attitude, “The End of a Decade” is the chrysalis of all that went into the process of getting his music to the world to be heard.
He makes organic music, on a wavelength that his fans can connect with. In “Dichotomy” from, The End of a Decade, his latest album, he employs acoustics, breadth taken vocals and sound energy, which makes the song to have a beautiful aura around it. Suffice to say without equivocation, the song is peacefully mind blowing. It is attributed with an appealing arrangement at the beginning of the track, to an even more appealing writing and composition with the steady progression of the song, offering a soothing relief from any situation you may be passing through.
Music is a universal language that has the power to reach far and wide and can appeal to your sensibilities. Music is like a conveyer belt for love, little wonder, artist like Brennan Walden who understands the dynamics are able to propagate their thoughts through music. Thus making those who know, smile. The groove captivates as the sax piece together what is capable of melting and disarming any heart.
“All music is about establishing an emotional connection with the listener. My goal with the music I create is to transport the listener somewhere beautiful that they want to get lost in and never leave. I wanted “The End of a Decade” to symbolize the power of the indomitable spirit.”
You all can definetely show your support to this talented artist and follow his music.


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