When you listen to this singer-“songwriter” Baby Col you’ll understand why he is one of the most exciting emerging acts around. His new single  “Somebody Toxic” is a breath of fresh air if you’re looking to hear something pleasant, energetic, and original. 

“Somebody Toxic” will make our whole weekend as that’s the kind of song you want to share with the people you love.  A beautiful song unveiling melodies and soulful vocals. The vocals are smooth and the guitar background creates a warm feeling despite the sad topic.

He is just very direct. Musically, it’s very enjoyable. The song has intensity but is laid back enough to be appreciated in a low-key party atmosphere as well. Ultimately, Baby Col is a solid and straightforward pop entry, smooth and polished around the edges with musicality. 

A lot of people pass through trying times whether we perceive it or not, but “Somebody Toxic” is a song that would help clear the minds of people. The song encourages people to see the truth of how toxicity affects people and the relationships and how they are perceived but to live their lives to the fullest with a lot of positivism in line with the saying “you only have one life to live”.



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