Beauty in the Riot Releases Stunning Visual for “If I Follow” Single


After months of dedication planning, Beauty in the Riot releases her newest single: “If I Follow”, and follows up the launch with a stunning visual!

On November 11, the Toronto-based artist Beauty in the Riot released her hypnotically-enchanting new single titled “If I Follow” and is now following the release with an aesthetic rich, live-action lyric video visual. While Beauty in the Riot does not want to consider the breathtaking graphic as a full-blown music video production, friends and fans are praising the video for its smooth transitions, poetic aesthetics, and the general creative direction in which the video takes.

Beauty in the Riot, formally Yasmin Soul, puts every ounce of her drive, passion, and energy into her musical and creative projects. Before the release of If I Follow, Beauty in the Riot released a song called “Little Demon.” The accompanying video, alongside the single, was imagineered and creatively directed by Beauty in the Riot.

When it comes to Beauty in the Riot’s creative craft, no detail is spared, and cutting corners is something Beauty in the Riot will never do. Ever.
Careful consideration, effort, and planning are put into every song, lyric, and visual by Beauty in the Riot. This rigorous dedication to process and methodology shows across all mediums of the If I Follow release.

The original release of “If I Follow” was described as a dreamy smooth pop piece, with slight notes of melancholy and high marks in the originality department. The video draws upon the raw emotions that Beauty in the Riot manifests within the song and captivates viewers with seamless transitions and emotionally charged performances by Beauty in the Riot and Seth Dyer, who is also featured in the song.

While If I Follow is still less than two weeks into the launch, the single is already being well-received by fans and friends alike. Beauty in the Riot is confident that her hard work will pay off and that people will recognize the blood, sweat, and tears that have gone into the projects. Currently, Beauty in the Riot has the eye and attention of BMG PM/Def7 A&R, Stephen Rezza, supporting Beauty in the Riot VIA Instagram.

Life has its moments of joy and satisfaction, but it’s not always sunshine and rainbows… In fact, many times, it is akin to a fight for happiness, a riot… But as their name implies, life is all about finding: Beauty in the Riot

Beauty in the Riot – If I Follow (Official Video)


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