We discovered the captivating singer  Antoni for our redaction today thanks to his latest offering entitled “No Promises”, a promising 9 tracks album.

We barely believe that this opus is Antoni’s recent album as it unveils flawless eclectic productions between pop, hints of RnB and above all, a unique artistic signature. The way the artists combines sounds is simply outstanding.

The production is flawless, and the flows help you to disconnect from reality to bring you into a sweet musical moment. From ‘Slow Motion’ to ‘Lemon Squeeze’, the full project caught our full attention, and it made us want to stay all day with Antoni’s sound.

These are songs that make you want to learn the words and sing along. They emit positive vibes and are just very welcoming. There are no smoke and mirrors employed in this production, as vocals and instrumentals shine through clearly, with minimal processing. 

The singing is particularly excellent and soulful, this being one of those genres like R&B or Trap you just can’t fake it. The tracks are  spiritually upbeat, musically fun, and comes with a hearty dose of humanity.

Play on Spotify and Enjoy:



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