Moneychild  Mitch is one of our favorite artists for a long time now. We were completely excited when we heard that he released a new album “Unwanted Behaviors”, in collaboration with a couple of other artists.

The 7-tracks opus comes from another planet and that proves that creativity still exists in this world. When Hip-Hop meets melodic beats and energy electrifies your body. We are super excited to have discovered him for the start of the week with this release of his album entitled ‘Unwanted Behaviors’ which is gonna create a buzz in the music industry.

The quality of the production is impeccable, and we also enjoyed the way Moneychild  Mitch creates with multiple music genres: chill rap, electro, touches of hip hop. It’s a unique vibe that you will have to experience for yourself based on your own perception. 

The beats are mostly synth-driven, with an atmosphere ranging from “bright and uplifting” to the edge of your seat intensity. The musical sound is very cinematic and could almost hit like a rhythmic beat if this were strictly an instrumental recording.

Ambiguous and Vague song titles like 10 Toes” and “Té Crayy” conceal lyrics that actually go really insane. His delivery style would best be described as a “stream of consciousness.” As he allows his deepest thoughts to play out in his head, they are converted into the form of a rhythmic monologue for the listener to enjoy. 

Finally, an album worthy of the name! I don’t know if you noticed, but it’s rarer and rare to find creative and complete projects these days, which is why we were thrilled to discover these 7 tracks  starting from DAYGO!to “Forreal”

At Viz Dumb, we are in love with his voice., but it is not possible to compare him to other singers: he just sounds unique. We wanted to know more about  Moneychild  Mitch’s creative process and we are eager to see what comes next from him.

A pure moment of music. Don’t waste one second, and listen to the album “Unwanted Behaviors ”now :


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