Best album of the season: Misunderstood by Khi

With so many artists striving to have their voices heard, many must think outside the box and bring unique values to the music they create to stand out. Khi has a gift for storytelling through his songs, which allows him to project his messages to fans across the globe.

As the industry is occupied by the same names over and over, some artists are ready to rise and impose their music.

Khi is one of these promising artists that will make a name for himself in the international game. He showcases all his talent and creativity through his outstanding album “Misunderstood”.

We fell in love with his sound, from the first track Misunderstood, and his opus contains unique bangers built over soulful melodic instrumentals, and chill vocal performances. Khi’s flow is appealing from start to finish and combines R’N’B melodies as well as laid-back vibes.

Misunderstood” will make our whole season, and probably the whole year

Press play and keep an eye on him:



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