Be ready to discover our selection for the best album of the month: the surprising “Nowadayyz” by the genius Scoob Rock. Vanguard and outstanding flow, epic production with an interesting minimal approach, “Nowadayyz” is powerful and motivating, featuring some of the finest artists like  Bad Seed, Bechir from Infinite, K9 London, Jimmy Vegas, NG, Kxng Kxoncepts.

In an era where Hip-hop and music, in general, creates clones, we were totally thrilled to discover this 14-tracks project. Scoob Rock is the kind of artist who is able to send you in the future while remaining authentic and real to music.

The title proves to be appropriate, as the backing beat indeed has a dreamlike and ethereal quality, with its modest-paced rhythm reinforcing the disposition of the track. Some of the vocal effects are artistically effective to this end as well.

In an area where many rappers sound similar, Scoob Rock showcases his unique creativity. He offers through his sound a new kind of hip-hop music coming from another planet.

We won’t be surprised to Scoob Rock see have a bright and successful future in the music world. We will make sure to keep an eye on him.

Listen to his music right now:


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