Be ready to discover our selection for the best song of the month: the surprising “Gas Out” by the genius  Nicky Cortez.

The first time we discovered Nicky Cortez, it was a shock. He made an amazing first impression thanks to “Ruthless”, and his latest single “Gas Out ” confirms our first thoughts about him.

Rather, as you might imagine, the result is a very exotic and organic sound, with the backing music taking on a refreshingly groovy and ethereal feel for a hip-hop/rap release. 

Cortez has a relaxed and laid-back delivery but still cranks up the gears every now and then to rhyme at an impressive pace. The song is generally upbeat and cultivates a casually chill vibe.

Meditatively hypnotic, the voices really pull you in. The backing music is trippy and futuristic. At times, it almost has a mechanical feel, as though you’re listening to some out of the planet music. This track is perfect to disconnect from reality.

While listening to “Gas Out”, we could imagine ourselves, under the sun, chilling, just disconnecting from the grey winter reality. 

We are sure that you need this feeling too
Play Now and Enjoy :


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