Our redaction loves to discover unique vibes, artists who put the music forward and bring new sounds to the table. Our discovery of the day goes by the name of BOYCE, and he is on our list of the top 2021 creative artists.

“SLOW DANCING ” splendid, surprising from start to finish, and never-heard-before. A special musical and artistic recipe by BOYCE.

The man has good taste, and you can tell he really does put his heart into his music. This single track has a jovial and innocent quality, inspiring people to push forward with a positive attitude. It makes for a very pleasant afternoon listen. The backing beats are colorful and pretty, really setting the mood.

Retro-futuristic aesthetics combine with a bright, synth-driven ambiance to create an artistic sound. The dynamic vocals and rich harmonies even manage to incorporate elements of R&B. The backing music features engaging synths, conjuring imagery of a high-end 80′s night club.

The track stands out from the crowd thanks to memorable energy and a flow between R&B, Hip-Hop, and unique creativity. Our redaction craves artists like BOYCE, who bring new vibes to the table.

 “SLOW DANCING ” is a highly recommended track that you need to listen to right now!


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