We start the weekend on a high note thanks to “SEPARATE WAYS”, the single by BIGGUYSKY.

We are more than excited to announce that artist BigGuySky has just released the best track of the month. Indeed, “Separate Ways” is addictive from start to finish, unveiling the singer/rapper’s unique recipe between rap, afrobeat, and touches of Pop music.

This latest track is a peppy and energizing jam, that will really get your juices flowing. Featuring electro-percussive and synthwave elements, the melodies are dynamic and sonically appealing. The vocals are passionate and charismatic. At certain climactic points, the harmonies actually made the hairs on the back of my neck stand up. 

Though the pace is fairly modest, this is synthwave with an intensity and a little bit on the darker side. This just being very authentic and high quality. The backing music really sparkles. “BigGuySky” vocally solid, and with touches of experimentations, “SEPARATE WAYS” is a song you will be addicted to. 

Press play right now:


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