Our focus today is on Pittsburgh-based emerging artist Raspy. His latest offering “Before I Go” (a song for my mom) is one of the most surprising and creative releases of the month. 

Raspy has the talent to create his own genre by blending his freestyling, with the modern influences of LoFi, hip hop, and chill music of all sorts. 

The young artist delivers confessions about his feelings for his mom. It’s a wild, roller coaster ride of emotion altogether. Musically, this is a melodic and almost relaxing song. The backing music is smooth and emits tropical vibes. Raspy’s passionate and expressive vocals give the song an added emotional jolt. 

The song begins in a minimalist fashion but slowly builds in passion, fullness, and intensity, culminating in a powerful emotional finale. Anyway, this is a solidly energetic song from a musician who’s been around the block and obviously knows what he’s doing.

His delivery is charismatic, and his voice asserts a rather commanding presence. You just get the sense that this guy is ready to handle biz at all times. As a song, “Before I Go” has an emotional and melodic beat.

Stream it Now:


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