This time, we don’t have much to say about our latest discovery except that…WE ARE DEEPLY IN LOVE… the formidable JAYJ has dropped a new musical jewel “Brand New”.

JAYJ dives a little deeper than most pop artists and is willing to tap into feelings of vulnerability rather than merely present some carefully crafted marketing image. While the pacing of his songs is moderate, the beats are crisp and the delivery is emotionally expressive. 

In terms of delivery, the substance that JAYJ brings to the table is a unique blend of artful timing and sentimental lyrics. His demeanor is cool, and the vibe is conversational. He’s a good vocalist, too. There’s more musicality in his voice than what you’d get from more “attitude and image-oriented” hip hop. 

 Really it’s an excellent song. It’s a jam and will make you smile, but there’s an underlying sentimentality there to tug at your heartstrings as well.

The artist takes you to a particular place and time. Even just the titles will offer listeners a vivid image of the setting. He sings with sincerity and utilizes some ambient vocal effects to accentuate the abstract, dreamlike vibe. JAYJ saves the title “Brand New”, and it’s definitely worth the wait. It has an awesome, futuristic beat and is the best song in my opinion.

The flow and vocal melodies are perfect and infectious, the voices are bombshells, the production is original and flawless. We told you, we are in love:

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