Boyd Hoek Is A Triple Threat In The Music World



What makes an artist successful? The answer to this is his passion and dedication towards the project. And today our topic of emphasis will be “BoydHoek”.


BoydHoek is an absolutely fantastic DJ renowned for his unique musicality which makes everyone groove along with his music, there was a boost in his career when he released his EP “Life is a Trip” Which was a massive hit of all time. People love him not only for his musicality but also because his music connects with the listeners. They replicate the same emotions , thoughts and feelings which are being conveyed by the people. The connection between the sound and the listeners has now made BoydHoek popular and exceptional.


Let’s see BoydHoek’s past. How did the creation of the music start? BoydHoek has been a musical Person since the very beginning. He tried to explore sound in everything and in every way possible. He found a very keen interest in exploring different music styles and variations which he combined with his own version of musicality. This makes him stand apart from the other artists. BoydHoek wants to make his work as unique as possible, this captivates the attention of the spectators and no wonder why he is so loved by his fans.


BoydHoek aspired to be a DJ and created mixes for the past 7 years. From learning music production to having his own mini-studio. BoydHoek has come a long way in his journey.

He took music as his full time job and tried his best to bring about a change in the Industry. BoydHoek was Born in Castricum, grew up near Amsterdam.


Moreover, it doesn’t happen overnight. His constant struggles, long hours making music made him what he is today. He wants to inspire the upcoming young artist that nothing should stop them, they should believe in themselves no matter what. You have to struggle if you want to taste success and being passionate about the work will help to go ahead in your career.


He would say that for him the biggest challenge is being able to accurately express that feeling in the tracks. He is very particular when it comes to the final product and there have been so many instances where he has scrapped a project as it didn’t have the vibe or output that he originally wanted to give out to the world. Therefore timing becomes a challenge, currently my creative process does not work under deadlines and he follows the path of the song regardless of how many hours it would take.


BoydHoek always has something in store for his fans and he is very excited about how his fans will respond to it.


People can follow him on Instagram :


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