BREZZY shares an EP entitled “Cup Spill EP”, the best project of the month.

This is going to be a breakout year for BREZZY as he has just released his much-anticipated EP “Cup Spill EP that we have just discovered.

Stunning and delightful from start to finish, the 3-tracks opus transport the audience into a unique musical world blessed by trap and pop elements. “Cup Spill EP” sends us straight to another planet.

From “Fucked Up” to”Better Off ”, the singer successfully combines sounds from electronic elements to the haunting soundscape with an outstanding and meticulous signature rocked by melodic sonorities.

Backed by an ambient and ethereal beat, BREZZY’s dreamlike vocals keep the listener enchanted. He performs with passion and genuine feeling. There is a sensitiveness and melancholic approach to the tracks that deal with the triumph of the heart over the logic of the mind, of being in love and its experience.

The music really has a nice flow, and everything blends together pleasantly in the mix. There are some climactic moments of euphoria near the end of the tracks which makes it stand out from the crowd.

Stream it now:



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