Brian Lorens bares his soul on “Jealous” featuring Liana

We’re excited to introduce you to the amazing Brian Lorens, who was this weekend’s greatest find. The self-taught artist who began from nothing eventually went on to make history because of his extraordinary talent and magnetism.


His most recent song, “Jealous” featuring Liana, pushes the limits of music with a distinctive trademark made for driven individuals. This craft is ideal for those who value creativity and self-expression. The song’s upbeat rhythms and authenticity are all we need to get people excited about 2022. Produced by StreetsandTrickey, the single is all set to make a name among all the hits singles ever released.


The lyric is pointed, incisive, and pertinent, the beat is powerful and frightening, and the flows cut right to the bone. Listeners will experience various emotions through melodic and artistically story-oriented verses.


The vocals from Liliana are the cherry on top to Brian’s music and make the single a must-listen for any audience.


Experience the world of Brian Loren’s Musical World where Liana has made a stupendous impression with her sultry vocals.



Instagram: @brianlorensmusic

TikTok: Brian.lorens

Twitter: Brian_Lorens

All streaming platforms: Brian Lorens 




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