Buzz T and Lil Hang Enthrall with New Records

Columbus, Ohio- September 5th, 2022 – An artist that has altered the soundscape of Hip Hop with his honest, original, and hard-hitting flair, Buzz T is creating all the buzz with his music. Embarking audiences on a dynamic musical voyage, the talented artist showcases an inventive, inviting spirit, bringing something new to the genre with his new album, “Worldwide Flows”.

“Worldwide Flows” coincides with the release of contemporary artist Lil Hang’s stunning new record, “New World”. Addictive, smooth, and thoroughly enriching, Lil Hang’s new record boasts rhythms that will have anyone losing themselves in its ambient, electric power.

An eclectic duo album release, Buzz T and Lil Hang’s immersive new records feature 10 stellar singles each, rooted within one core theme. The idea of inspiring positivity and having audiences embrace their good vibes. Both records are slated to drop on September 5th, 2022, and are bound to take audiences by storm.

Stream Buzz T’s exciting new album, “Worldwide Flows” and Lil Hang’s new album, “New World” on and follow the artists on social media for updates on new releases. For interviews, reviews, and/or collaborations, reach out through the artist’s email.

A promising name in the music world, Buzz T aka The Magnet hails from Ohio. The artist started making music in 2002, after a stunning album titled, ‘NWA’ caught his attention and motivated him to compose his own lyrics. Drawing much inspiration from the timeless, compelling works of Nas, Nipsey, Drake, Jay Z, Eminem and others, Buzz T began to sculpt his own identity in music. Buzz T has done several noteworthy shows and performances, including a show in Cleveland in Ohio where iconic artist Gunna performed, as well as a show at the White House in Washington D.C. He is a positive Hip Hop lyricist who continues to deliver meaningful tracks, as well as tracks to make anyone feel good and groovy.

LiL Hang is a young, emerging artist who has been creating beats and producing music since the age of 13, crafting memorable mixes that can be enjoyed by all ages. Entering his 4th year in the music world, Lil Hang continues to unveil stunning musical compositions that fully portray the best of rock, alternative, hip hop, and ambient musical styles. His influences include Brennan Savage, Lil Peep, and Future.


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