Born in England and raised in Ireland, SYDNEY spent his teen years listening to a plethora of genres and artists including; Green Day, Eminem, Red Hot Chili Peppers, and J. Cole to mention but a few. More recently taking an interest in Trap and freestyling over beats in his car, and we are utterly glad to find him.

When we discovered “Call It”, featuring Mac Rose we couldn’t help but listen to it on repeat. Unveiled by SYDNEY, that’s the perfect track to lay on the grass, on a summer night, with your favorite person. 

The song offers an appealing and sexy musical journey through trap pop vocal performance, touches of pop, and above all incomparable creativity. Nothing but refreshing in an area where many artists sound the same.

True to the title, the songs incorporate glitch-hop style beats, while blending elements of trap, rap, and pop. The resulting sound is highly creative and spontaneous. SYDNEY’s delivery is tight with the beat, and he makes use of dynamic vocal inflection for maximum flavor.

Seriously the track is magical and we bet you don’t want to miss it so dive right into it and get hooked to the beats and lyrics of this single.

Play now:



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