Celebrities’ Top 5 Investments for 2021

When you make the correct kind of investment, your money will expand enormously. Celebrities all over the world have sought to grow their wealth by investing in various business industries over the years. This year has been no exception, as many of them have taken advantage of several opportunities to significantly increase their fortune by making large investments.

According to available data, celebrities invest an average of $38 million per investment venture, with a third of them investing more than $100 million in a single fund.

The top five celebrity investments in 2021 are highlighted below.

The stake of Jay Z in the Cannabis Payment Company

Jay Z, the billionaire artist, made a number of significant investments in 2021. Flowhub, a cannabis payment firm, was one of these investments. In a joint venture with Headline and Poseidon, he reportedly invested $19 million. According to Forbes, Flowhub is worth $200 million and assists cannabis dispensaries with payment processing.

Justin Bieber’s investment in an adolescent social networking site

Justin Bieber, a well-known musician, has led a $1.1 million seed investment in a new social network for youths. The “Shots of Me” social network was created by brothers John and Sam Shadidi.

The $53 million investment by Mark Zuckerberg in 600 acres of land in Hawaii

Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook, has made a significant investment in the Hawaiian landscape, acquiring an additional 600 acres, bringing his total holdings to 1,300 acres. The 600 acres on Kauai’s island have been purchased for a mouth-watering $53 million.

Guild Esports is David Beckham’s latest investment.

During his playing career, David Beckham, a retired footballer, was consistently one of the most paid footballers. Beckham has made a number of wise investing moves throughout the years, in addition to amassing a fortune during his playing days. In June, he invested $319,000 in Guild Esports, a London-based firm.

SPAC has received a $200 million investment from Kevin Durant.

Kevin Durant, a well-known NBA player, has supported a black-check corporation through his Infinite Acquisition Corp, which has filed for a $200 million initial public offering. Sports, health, e-commerce, food, and crypto are among the industries where Infinite Acquisition focuses its acquisition approach.


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