Complicated is a beautiful musical surprise. Unveiled by a  young rising artist Chancio, it proves that the artist has a well-deserved place among the future stars.

We recognize it from the first seconds when we heard the banger  ‘Complicated  and it is definitely one of them. The track blends hip-hop rap with subtle melodic touches and hard-hitting production. It sounds sexy and addictive and makes us want to listen to more of his music.

Chancio’s no-nonsense delivery style juxtaposes nicely with the exotic musical backdrop. Authenticity and “being real” are heavily emphasized themes in the lyrics, indicating that the artist places a high value on those attributes. He also talks about the struggles of life and the importance of perseverance in overcoming personal adversity.

While the beat is minimalist, it definitely gives the song a rhythmic, bumpin’ structure. At the times when the music does kick in, it is utilized to great effect to provide a dark ambiance. This is just raw and authentic hip hop, pretty good stuff.

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