Singer, composer, and entrepreneur Darrell Kelley was born in Boston, Massachusetts is a beautiful surprise thanks to his latest release entitled “Release The Transcripts”. And yes, the artist is different thanks to a flawless technique and an interesting lyrical content. We all know that it is so rare! 
He’s a performer, singer, songwriter, social activist, spiritual leader, author, and entrepreneur. Where injustice prevails Kelley has been known to plunge headlong into the fight to seek justice, understanding, acceptance, and unity for one and all.
Beginning his career as a Gospel recording artist Darrell Kelley eventually, seamlessly and successfully made the crossover to the contemporary R&B/Hip-Hop and Mainstream Top 40 radio genre formats. His songs address both secular and non-secular subjects with not only deep insight but often with humor.
This is music with a message and the message is Black lives matter and the Afro-American community will not stop seeking the long-awaited justice that’s continually promised but seldom served. Darrell Kelley is a musician, an ordained bishop, an entrepreneur, and most importantly, a social activist. “Release the Transcripts” is not simply a song it’s a long-overdue rallying cry that will not be quelled.
With tracks like that, Darrell Kelley has a place among the greatest. We can hear that from the first notes.
See by yourself:

Darrell Kelley – Release The Transcripts
Darrell Kelley’s Facebook artist page:


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