Although this summer may not be the most memorable for many of us, emerging artist Naits’s new single “diamonds on my neck” has brought sunshine to our speakers and headphones.

“Diamonds on my neck” blends with alternative rap and acid rock. This creative work is a success! From the melodies to the production, passing by the vocal arrangement, everything is magic!

Our team selected this as one of our favorite track for our Spotify BEST OF THE MONTH  and it is “Diamonds on my neck”.

He has a really great voice, both from a technical perspective and just his overall natural tone, which seems tailor made for this style of music.

 I could see this being used in commercials, as it seems to hit all the right emotional marks for that market. While the song starts off rather mellow, it builds into a surprisingly rocking climax. Anyway, it’s clear this guy has the chops to make it big. This song is already pretty much there.

Listening to this release made me really want to root for the artist. There’s just something about the raw emotion conveyed in the delivery that connects with the listener. In fact, all performances here are as professional as they come, and the mix is crystal clear. Seriously, whoever handled production and mastering on these tracks should be up for an award. True to its title, this single will take your breath away.

Without further ado, listen to the “Diamonds on my neck” project, out now on all music platforms.

We invite you to discover his music right now and to discover our conversation with him below

1. Can you please tell our readers your real name as well as your stage name?

My real name is Stian and if you read it backward you’ll get my stage name «Naits». That’s how I came up with it lol

2.Where are you from and Where are you based?

I’m from Norway, and I have lived my entire life here, in Oslo.

3.At What age did you start making music?

My father is a musician, so I grew up with a lot of music around me in my home. When I was like 12 I really got into rap music and I listened to a lot of Norwegian rap music. I began writing my own raps, and by the time I was 16, I started to get the hang of it. 3 years ago i released my first single “One life one dream” and it lowkey blew up on Spotify and now has 1,5 million streams. I was shocked by the response and this gave me the courage to pursue my dream in music.

4. What genre would you consider yourself?

I’m at the beginning of my career so right now I’m having fun with different genres. i really enjoy making emotional songs with a lot of energy. I consider myself an alternative rap artist. alternative rock and emo rap are the genres I enjoy making the most.

The song I’m working on right now is more of a feel-good rap track. I can’t wait for you to hear it!!

5.Tell us about your latest track or Video ( what is it all about)–Please explain the concept or message.

My latest single “diamonds on my neck” is an alternative rap/rock-ish song. It’s about going through a breakup and how hard it can be to move on because it feels so wrong, even though you know it’s for the best. I was nervous about releasing the song because it’s quite different from what I’ve made in the past, but I really loved the song myself so I decided to release it. I couldn’t be more happy about it because the feedback has been amazing!

6.If you were given a chance, which Artist would you love to perform with?

If I was given the chance to perform with an artist I’d have to choose Juice WRLD because he has been my biggest inspiration over the last couple of years. his music changed thousands of lives, including mine and my music. his music and talent will forever live on❤️ legends never die

7. Where can fans find you? List all your social media links

you can find me on instagram, soundcloud, youtube and all other streaming services. If you would like to follow me to be a part of my journey my instagram is @naitsmusic – thank you for all your support.





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