We had the opportunity to discover the creative “Fata Morgana”, Georgisound’s new single.
Georgisound is indeed an artist on the rise, with an advantage, In the track, he successfully combines sounds from Hip Pop Funk to Jazz and Electro, passing by tribal sounds, to create his own unique vision of music.
His latest offering “Fata Morgana” showcases his talent and outstanding creativity. The track immerses the listeners into unreal landscapes and a beautiful trance. Georgisound is quite possibly the likeliest candidate to really blow internationally, an artist to keep an eye on.
The production quality is professional, with sound clarity that would more than satisfy the average stereophile. More great stuff here from Georgisound
 The track, Fata Morgana offers an excellent example of this. The music is avant-garde and ethereal, exhibiting a dreamlike quality but not something that will put you to sleep. It’s compatible with a party atmosphere while remaining subdued
This particular track is also very dynamic as well, with frequent changes and unpredictable electronic twists and turns throughout. There’s a good chance we’ll hear more about this style of music, as I think it fills a certain niche and seems to parallel other trends.
“Fata Morgana” has already attracted us, and it doesn’t stop growing: not surprising! Press play right now:

Connect with Georgisound:


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