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Yung Jewelz is a beautiful musical discovery and thanks to her latest offering, a single entitled “Freak Sundae”, you will have the dose of hip-hop and energy that you need to end the week on the right foot.

With real hip-hop energy and flawless production, Yung Jewelz gets the job done with power and creativity. She proves that female rappers have their place in an area where male raps are highlighted.

Her voice and style are excellent and this rapper has the gift of being able to sing and rap at the same time. The beat is marvelously woven together and made to perfectly suit her. You feel a thoughtful air cloud over you and also get into the lyrics.

‘Freak Sundae’ is a dope track and there is so much potential for Yung Jewelz to reach her goals. If she can stand out from the crowd and get some support slots for well-known artists once the world calms down again, the crowds will go wild for her style.

Stream it right now:

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