A few days ago, the surprising and talented Anima Vestra released a new 6 tracks project entitled “Cerasus Flores”.
The 6-track EP is one of the best projects that we have heard for a long time. From the first song “Vapour95” to the last entitled “The End” the artist delivers a perfect opus, flawlessly produced, and with rare wordplay. It is a refreshing change in an area where artists follow trends and have a limited vocabulary.
“Cerasus Flores” is surprising from start to finish, and Anima Vestra seems to have found a way to unique creativity and the means to succeed thanks to an undeniable talent, solid melodies, and uplifting songs.
The audio quality is solid, even though the mix is intentionally organic and low key. This jam is definitely fun to listen to, but I highly recommend checking out the EP.
“ Cerasus Flores” is a highly recommended project that you need to listen to right now!


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