Some artists, more than others, remind you of how much there is to discover when it comes to music and art. And you know it now, our redaction’s mission is to discover unique creations made by the artists of tomorrow. The Patrick Lew Band, which we have just discovered, belongs to this category.

The band PLB (Patrick Lew Band) is a Sino-Japanese punk rock band from San Francisco, California. They have been active on-and-off from 2001 to the present day. They play and compose a bunch of different styles of music: Rock, Electronic, and Metal mostly!

With their latest track “Good Morning Miss Bliss ”, extracted from the EP Pariah Vol. 1. Released worldwide on Spotify, Apple Music, and elsewhere on May 1, 2020.

This is an established group that has been around for over a decade, yet still maintains a fresh sound and youthful enthusiasm. The song combines elements of metal, punk, and good old rock’n’roll. A good way to describe it would be if you combined heavy metal guitars with old school punk. 

There’s some really excellent guitar and bass playing on this track, much more technical and polished than what one normally expects from this genre. This demonstrates the band’s experience and professionalism, with the slick solos and razor-sharp timing.

Listening to “Good Morning Miss Bliss ” is the guarantee to be captivated into sensations and to finally plunge into something new. 

Don’t waste a second and live the experience right now:

“Good Morning Miss Bliss ” is available now on Spotify and all other major platforms. Keep up with Patrick Lew Band (PLB).

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