LIL HUDAK is an upcoming bright artist whose work we have just discovered and the least we can say is that the rapper surprised us with his new single “HELPLESS” also featuring  Daniel Javan. Many reasons for this including, his melodic, sad, and genre-blending music between Hip Hop energy and chill hints.

This avant-garde heartfelt pop track is beautifully melodic. The afflicted sentimentality and tender charm in his vocals will instantly endear you to LIL HUDAK. He has one of those softly assertive voices that seems built for a sad rap. The lament in the artist’s voice over a breakup clearly displays all the emotions clearly.

It combines organic acoustic guitars with ambient, ethereal synths to create a bright and entrancing sound. Ultimately though, it’s his singing that’s responsible for the emotional magic in this recording, especially where harmonies are employed to enhance the effect of his vocals.

He has a classic, personable delivery style that’s reminiscent of the great lounge singers. His voice is delicate and personable yet also bold and reassuring, as he makes a plea about what people go through after a breakup and the feeling of pain and being helpless like you can’t do anything to get over it. The song also contains an artful part, where Daniel offers a glimpse of his true musical power level.

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