Discovery: “He did that” by Morales Smalls Featuring Scootie Wop & Stevie Rizo

There is a very specific category of music that we listen to every day that consists of performers with a unique formula and a true message.

Our best August find, “He did that” by Morales Smalls in association with Scootie Wop and Stevie Rizo, has helped us end the summer on the right note. It truly is a little addiction from beginning to end.

Morales, Scootie, and Stevie make the ideal team to produce a distinctive and catchy tune that combines electronic elements with a novel pop trademark. In this difficult time, the music is a breath of fresh air for our ears and delivers a message of hope and serenity.

The song begins with the delivery of a sick beat along with some dope lyricism. The three artists have played their own part and have stood out from each other.

“He did that” imposes itself on your bright days with an innovative recipe and an authentic manner. Find out about it now.


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