Our discovery of the day is by far one of the most creative of the end of the year. She goes by the name of DayshaRaee, she is a rapper who makes music with her own recipe: a recipe made of hip-hop, sound experimentation, and psychedelic visuals.
Today we have decided to give you a rare and memorable musical rap break. Indeed, when you are addicted to hip-hop, you tend to have very high expectations. DayshaRaee, which is our musical discovery of the day imposes itself effortlessly. Indeed, the artist who unveils the single “Feel Me” is a great surprise for us.
She delivers a flawless technique, an infectious flow for a moment of authentic rap, The DayshaRaee must be followed without further delay.
“Feel Me” offers surprising universes and unique flow.DayshaRaee’s breathtaking and alluring vocals perfectly match the production.
Listen to “Feel Me” below. Our discovery today is no ordinary and stands out from the crowd. That is exactly what we expect from an upcoming artist. 
It sends us directly to an unknown dimension. Be ready for the experience:

We invite you to discover her music right now and to discover our conversation with her below:
1.Can you please tell our readers your real name as well as your stage name?
My real name is Daysha Patterson my stage name is HeyDayshaRaee which is my first and middle name combined, with a Hey at the beginning 🙂
2.Where are you from and Where are you based?
I’m from Saint Paul Minnesota and that’s currently where I’m at as well. I did briefly move to Atlanta for college however I moved back during the semester and so this is where I am for now! 

3.At What age did you start making music?
So I began writing poems, young in grade school. I use to be in 4th grade submitting my poems for publications some of which I actually got my works into. So long ago I can’t even remember which ones but poetry has always been a way that I’ve expressed myself. And as I got older I got more into placing those rymes on to beats .. my brother use to listen to Tupac and Nipsey hussle a lot .. at first I wasn’t really into it. But again as I got older I began to look up to both of those artists. Ever since then. I’ve been rapping . 
4.What genre would you consider yourself?
I would consider myself to be HIP HOP AND RAP. I love making music based on how I’m feeling at the time sometimes I’m feeling super duper hype and so I wanna display that on a track other times I’m really into my thoughts and I wanna make a song that will make people think or inspire them. 
5.Tell us about your latest track or Video ( what is it all about)–Please explain the concept or message.
My latest track is called “FEEL ME” and I just shot a visual for it. Which I will be dropping to YouTube soon however it is available for streaming right now on Spotify and Apple Music. 
6.If you were given a chance, which Artist would you love to perform with?
I would be HONORED to work with Drake. Hahha so yeah you know that’s Gonna happen one day forsure! No maybes I’m gonna work relentlessly until the opportunity presents itself 
7.Where can fans find you? List all your social media links


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