We discovered JUN thanks to his latest outstanding release. The rapper who has just started to make music is back with the brilliant “Gazing”.

“Gazing” is a unique track that effortlessly combines trap with electronic elements. A contemporary rap track that immerses you into video game soundtracks, a new world to explore.

“Gazing” is a track that you’ll want to hit play on until you know the lyrics well enough not to let them catch you off-guard with the gritty, clever charisma-dripping creativity.

It’s easy to see why Jun hasn’t struggled to amass plenty of hype around the release of their perfectly polished debut single. It’s a fiery energetic hit from start to finish with no compromise to the smooth arrestive rhythm.

Stream it now:

You can check out Jun’s debut single “Gazing”  for yourselves by heading over to Spotify now.


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