Agnative has the potential to be Hip-Hop’s next superstar, and with his latest single “Tide” by his side, that’s now a possibility. 

The artist and songwriter unveil an infectious flow with a flawless technique. The lush production perfectly complements Agnative’s energy.  “Tide” sounds like an instant banger led by Agnative’s charisma.

After a somewhat mysterious, synth intro “Tide” opens itself up and transitions back forth between R&B styled pop chorus and rap verses. The transition is handled between various styles is handled very well, and nothing sounds out of place. Where Agnative really shines though is in his speed rapping flow. It comes across as flawless and on point and is illustrative of a lot of natural ability. 

This is a top tier release from Agnative. He shows dedication to his craft. This release should turn some heads, even in a place as competitive as New York.

Stream the single below:


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