This is the right time for our redaction to make a little summary of the year, and end it with our best discovery. Our selection without a doubt is: Fam Band, the band we reviewed so many times is among the acts that made 2020.

Fam Band, also one of the most productive bands, lately released “Wehee” (Past Lives), another surprising track unveil a genre-blending single with a beautiful dose of experimentation and happiness. “Wehee” is so eclectic and evocative, that we could imagine ourselves driving through a cosmopolitan jungle and hearing the world’s music all at once while listening to the album. 

A bit of Rock, Reagga, and even touches of soul music, the way Fam Band mixes the music genres and melodies have never been heard before: and it swings! 

They’re known for their genre-blending style and releasing a new track once every month. Stay on the lookout for a new release by them on the first Friday of every month in 2021 leading up to their upcoming album.

Live the experience and listen to this jewel, “Wehee”


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