Ladies and Gentlemen! Our special discovery today is rare: a band : “You’ll See One Day” with three phenomenal artists  with perfect  flow technique and  lyrics and things to say. Yes, such artists exist as proven by our discovery of the day .

Their stunning latest track “Soar” immersed us into a wonderful universe, which gave us hope in the world and the music again.

The band comprises of a drummer born and raised on city streets, toughened by the harshness of life itself who lets it all out on the kit, Lee Elliott. A guitarist who crawled out of the whiskey bottle of the US to travel across the ocean on a cloud of Cuban cigar smoke to write fast & filthy riffs, Travis Presley. A vocalist from the untamed bogan bushland of the north who flew to the big smoke to write the catchiest of bangers, Nathan Peachey.

With powerful energy between metal and hardcore, the group electrified us. From the vocal performances to the flawless production, the band offers a real and epic musical experience rocked by infectious energy and addictive guitars

They are not afraid nor ashamed to take risks, to add different genres in their music, and to share confessions about lives. And in view of their technique, they can afford it. It’s a collaborative effort. This is one groovy track, with authentic metal and hard rock vibes and a hint of pop rock as well. It’s actually quite rhythmic and the beat gives the sound an exotic quality.

We assure you that you will be thrilled to hear this masterpiece.

Play now and enjoy:


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