Sofia Treadway is a beautiful musical discovery and thanks to her latest offering, a single entitled “I’m Good”. With its subtle intricacies and delicate melodies, this track obviously bears the mark of a professional. Enveloped in a modest-paced and musically minimalist framework, Sofia’s performance is expressive and emotionally deep in her music video.

Sophia’s music has a heavy pop vibe. While the inspiration for the song came from Sophia’s personal experience, she wanted to remind her fans that they are okay getting rid of the toxic people in their lives and they will be completely okay on their own. Instead, focus on yourself and you will attract the right people when the time is right. One of the main themes Sophia wants to express throughout her music is to just have fun and forget about all of the bad.

What we admire above all, is the ability of Treadway to create a new musical world, an authentic artistic dimension, in an area where all artists tend to sound the same. Her flow, her recognizable voice tone: she proves that she is among those who can bring new vibes to the table. 

Believe us, it won’t leave you indifferent, so listen to “I’m Good” right now below :

Video Link:


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