Our discovery for this release day proves that creativity still exists. Indeed, DripLee has unveiled an incomparable single that stands out from the crowd. His latest offering “Famous” stands out from what is already on the table as its music video is everything that explains it.

A voice tinted by alternative rock and a production mixing hip-hop. It was an amazing listening from start to finish. The vocal performance is breathtaking, a special mention for the creativity as the track contains a unique recipe, a new kind of vibe, that’s what we love to hear.

The backing beat on this track is futuristic and slick, with a nice, crisp bass that’s sure to bump in pretty much any sound system. DripLee’s delivery is dynamic and moves along in a rhythmic, methodical fashion. Occasional breaks in the beat help to shake up the song’s structure a bit, adding an element of complexity. 

DripLee’s vocal delivery is expressive. He spouts his rhymes with passion and emotional intensity, while also occasionally revealing a relaxed side at the same time. “Famous” is one such masterpiece with all the pieces.

Stream the music video through the link below:


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