DLZ Drops New Single “Take My Heart/Soul” Featuring Global Dan: A Captivating Blend of Hope and Emotion


DLZ, the rising artist and producer, has just released his highly anticipated single, “Take My Heart/Soul,” featuring the talented Global Dan. This captivating track is a testament to DLZ’s growth as an artist and showcases his ability to create music that resonates with the soul. Get ready to be moved and inspired as DLZ takes you on a journey filled with hope and raw emotion.

For DLZ, the journey to becoming an artist and producer wasn’t something he meticulously planned. It was an organic process fueled by his deep passion and inspiration drawn from the power of music. It all started at the young age of 14 when DLZ purchased his first microphone, setting off a chain of events that would lead to his artistic evolution.

Among DLZ’s projects, his favorite to date is his album, “! Illusions.” This project holds a special place in his heart, having recently surpassed 1 million streams on Spotify. The creation process for DLZ begins with the beat, allowing the melodies to flow naturally as he immerses himself in the instrumental. He then crafts the lyrics, piecing together the puzzle of emotions and concepts inspired by the music. It’s a harmonious collaboration between beats and lyrics that creates the soul-stirring compositions DLZ is known for.

The reality of being an independent artist and producer has its ups and downs, as DLZ candidly shares. Online perception may not always align with the true experiences and challenges faced by artists behind the scenes. One of the biggest challenges DLZ currently faces is maintaining a level head and persevering through the obstacles that come with the industry. It requires a delicate balance of time, energy, and opportunities, all while seeking out new avenues to grow as an artist.

In the face of adversity, DLZ finds solace in the balance he has created in his life. Outside of music, he dedicates time to his job, enjoys activities like golf and hockey, and cherishes moments spent with friends over a beer. This balance plays a vital role in maintaining his mental well-being and serves as a reminder that life extends beyond the realm of music.

DLZ’s advice for aspiring artists looking to embark on their own musical journey is simple yet profound: Just start. Don’t let the fear of judgment or the opinions of others hold you back from pursuing your true passion. Embrace the process of growth, learning, and improvement, and let your love for music guide you every step of the way. And remember, failure is not something to be ashamed of but rather an opportunity to learn, grow, and avoid repeating past mistakes.

When DLZ reflects on his career so far, he takes pride in the writing and recording he has accomplished. He understands that perfectionism can hinder progress, and instead focuses on continuous growth and development as an artist. Each day brings new opportunities to refine his craft and connect with his audience on a deeper level.

As we look ahead to what DLZ has in store for 2023, we can expect a series of exciting singles and collaborations. The artist’s dedication to creating meaningful music that resonates with listeners ensures that there will be no shortage of captivating releases throughout the year.

DLZ’s latest single, “Take My Heart/Soul” featuring Global Dan, showcases his ability to craft melodies that evoke hope and touch the core of the human experience. It’s a song that moves DLZ and aims to move others, reminding us of the power that music holds to inspire and uplift.

To dive deeper into DLZ’s world and stay updated on his musical journey, follow him on Instagram, where you can find behind-the-scenes insights and updates. Additionally, you can discover his music on all major streaming platforms, including Spotify, YouTube, and TikTok.

DLZ is an artist on the rise, and “Take My Heart/Soul” is just the beginning of what promises to be an exciting and transformative musical adventure. So, join the journey, let the music guide you, and embrace the power of hope and emotion brought to life by DLZ’s captivating sound.



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