“SAY LESS”  is a new single from CHAITHA, featuring pre kai ro. The first thing you notice about this jam is the smooth grooving synth-driven backing music, which gives the song a futuristic, lounge-like atmosphere. 

CHAITHA’s sound and image present everything that we want to see and hear. Unique creativity, genre-blending music between melodic pop and soul, and a memorable artistic ora.

The production quality on the track is solid. In particular, the levels of the mix are right where they should be. It’s relatively minimalist musically, but the backing music is pleasing and full enough, that one is grateful the sound is obscured or drowned out. 

Don’t hesitate and listen to his single today if you want to embrace a great melodic line, catchy tunes, and a great way to show off your feelings!

 Press the link below:



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