Our discovery of the day is a beautiful surprise for our musical week. He goes by the name of Dylhutch, and he has just released our favorite track of the day: “Drowning”

Dylhutch’s delivery is dynamic, and he demonstrates a surprisingly versatile vocal range. Really he is capable of some interesting maneuvers with his voice that will get your interest. Dylhutch’s cadence and sense of timing are also pretty on point. 

This is an emotional track that hits all the right notes if that’s what you’re in the mood for. This music has some great hooks, is thematically coherent, and definitely marketable. 

In addition to him being a fabulous singer, the vocals themselves are so dynamic as to represent instruments in their own right. His voice is powerful and doesn’t rely on gimmickry or production tricks. 

The backing musical alternates from elegant piano to fresh beats. It isn’t just the lyrics that are charming, the overall tone is magnetic and emotionally expressing. The pacing is versatile enough for you to dance at your own chosen speed. Tmmrw has put together a real nice track here. This guy is definitely not a pretender.

Listen Now:


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