Elijah Runako on How Being Surrounded by Talented Peers Can Help You Progress in Your Career


The company you keep can affect people’s perception of you and your development and success, so it is worth considering who you spend your time with if you hope to reach the top of your industry. According to fashion designer and music producer Elijah Runako, surrounding yourself with talented people can inspire you and help you make invaluable connections in your industry.

Runako shares his belief that success is contagious by explaining that witnessing the hard work and dedication of others is one of the greatest motivators. He shares that striving for success needn’t be a solo journey because those surrounding you can often offer you precisely the right motivation you need. Isolating yourself from others leaves you without a supportive sounding board of peers who can assess and even help you improve your ideas. Runako believes that surrounding yourself with talented peers can keep you focused on your ultimate goal and help you reach the heights of your industry. Expanding on this, he says, “Motivated people motivate others; seeing someone focus their talent and turn it into a profitable career is inspiring. Whereas spending time with negatively minded people, who believe that they have to wait for success to find them, can be draining and hold you back.”

Runako’s passion for artistic creation has led him to success in both the world of music and fashion. He has produced music with rap Gods like Kayne West and Chance The Rapper and also owns a clothing brand called RUNAKO. As a fashion designer, Runako wears his Chicago roots on his well-tailored sleeve, as he has stated that he takes inspiration from the youth of Chicago when creating his designs.

In any industry, the connections you make are vital to your success. Elijah Runako believes that by surrounding yourself with talented peers, you give yourself a better chance of making it to the top.


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