Ely Waves is arguably one of the most exciting rising stars out there. He’s part of a new generation of young creatives who prove that creativity still exists in an unoriginal musical world.

We have discovered him with “Going Through Changes” also featuring ChrispyD and from the first seconds, we knew that we were listening to something special. It’s almost a surreal hip-hop experience in the genre of “Going Through Changes” as the alternative hip-hop track offers a real experience, threatening instrumental and flow out of the norm.

This incredibly unique, avant-garde hip hop jam features ambient backing music and creatively structured vocal delivery. The music takes the listener on a meditative odyssey. “Going Through Changes” is just very artful and ethereal. With its melodic beat and cerebral vibe, this music will elevate your consciousness as you allow yourself to get lost in the sound. 

The track is majestic thanks to the relaxing cinematic vibes, splendid notes, and addictive beats. We listen to it on repeat, and it will accompany us our whole week. Going Through Changes” is healing and just makes you feel good.

Stream it now:



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