Today, our discovery is a 6 tracks EP entitled “Most of The Time”, by the young artist Maz Michigan.
The artist invites us with “Beyond your fears ”, “Come Thru” and “Soundz” and more to an  journey through life. With a generous flow and sharp words, Maz Michigan will make you addicted to his rap.
He knows how to deliver a unique voice, a sharp flow and a lush instrumental.
This is a vibe that just makes you want to chill, make your head bounce and have a moment out of the reality.
Maz Michigan. has something from the most creative hip-hop artists that we love such as The Weekend. Can’t wait to hear more of his music.
A beautiful artistic soul who also don’t hesitate to spread motivation and to promote positive messages.
Overall, Maz Michigan EP is a decent expansion of his talents as both a songwriter and producer. His vocal tonality works well alongside the smoothness of the instrumentation, while the focus on poignant relationship anecdotes, while brief, is carefully and thoughtfully maintained. Considering the nature and depth of his background, I look forward to not only experiencing greater instrumental creativity but a narrative comprising deeper, more personal anecdotes.
Stream “MOST OF THE TIME” right now:


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