Artists have long been highlighting the perils of racism and police brutality through music, but recent events are brightening the spotlight on racial injustice and oppression. The song “Dangerous” gives you a clear picture of the situations black people have to face in their life.
We have to say that the promising artist chose the right track to mark the world of music. Since the first verse of the song, we fell that powerful energy, and the message he wanted to deliver with his music.
The police killings of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor and subsequent protests have further ignited a passion in artists inspired to use their music as a sounding board for change.  
Our artist of the day is FillmoeTrev, who is about to release his new single on 26th June that highlights this cry for justice and equality of people living in the US.
Make sure you listen to “Dangerous” when it’s out on the 26th of June. The upcoming artist from San Francisco is about to change the sound of rap music in the bay area.
And you can also listen to Dangerous on the Vizdumb playlist. Follow the links below to connect with his work. Stay in the loop on all of his current and future projects.


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