In recent years we’ve seen the Hip-Hop scene bless us with many talented artists. However, B.Rod is an artist that has caught our attention the most
The new record from B.Rod is an unreleased single that maybe be coupled with a self-titled album. The single is melodic & jazzy with a dynamic instrument range. B.Rod always infuses his smooth voice with hip hop accents which give just enough edge to balance the mood in any environment. B.Rod is a definite go too artist for almost any music fan.
The perfect vibe for summer. Although it has a pure Hip-hop touch to it with his contemporary trap sounds and melodic flow, most of B.Rod ‘s upcoming single has this unique vibe to it which makes his music stands out from his pee
This is a vibe that just makes you want to chill, make your head bounce, and have a moment out of the reality.
B.Rod has something from the most creative hip-hop artists that we love such as Asap Rocky. Can’t wait to hear more of his music.


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